About me


As you can see from the oversized title of my website, my name is Beccie Simms and I am a 21-year-old food, lifestyle and writing lover, graduating from The University of Salford in July 2019. I am ready to take on what the world of journalism and media has to offer.

After studying English Literature, Media Studies and Sociology at Sixth Form, I knew that Journalism was the right course for me hence why I’ve spent the last three years studying Multimedia Journalism and everything that it has to offer from Law and Ethics, Print, Online, Radio, TV, Feature Writing and Magazine.

From the age of 16 sitting my GCSE in English, I knew that writing was something I wanted to pursue not just as a hobby but as a career. My passion was clear. I found myself in my element when writing, I’d write short stories and save them as young as 11, and to this day I remember one of my teachers in college marking me poorly for an assignment but wrote that she knew from my writing style that I was destined for a career where I can have my own artistic flow and put my writing skills to use.

I was born in pretty little Blackpool and have a passion for all things writing and cooking which has been helped by me growing up cooking with my Dad with my unusually large collection of cookbooks as oppose to something girly. I chose to study in Salford based on the idea of studying in an area that is active day and night, 365 days a year with news, gossip and current affairs also known as MediaCityUK.

After being shortlisted as one of the final three nominees for a Best Online Journalism award in my first year at my University Journalism Awards, I am extremely excited for my future in the world of Journalism and am ready to push myself to my creative limits.

I hope you enjoy taking a look at what I have to offer.