Let’s talk about: Body confidence and insecurities


For a very long time, I’ve found myself wrapped up in my own insecurities and haven’t really spoken up much about it. It can seem easy to hide behind social media and portray your life on Instagram and Twitter as perfect with little to fault about it. But surely this just creates a cycle?

With social media being the backbone of a lot of our lives as young people, it can be easy to fall into the trap of checking out other peoples profiles (BAD IDEA) at your own peril and becoming absorbed in this false sense of reality, looking at bloggers galore on paid trips to Bali, Dubai, LA, eating out at fancy restaurants everyday, having the perfect face, wardrobe and makeup, thus making you question what seems like your boring life.


The unfortunate side of Instagram is that the majority of images you see are the highlights of a persons trip/day and life in general. They might also be in the same boat, comparing their Instagram feed to another. Each and every person will have their own insecurities, and they may even envy your life.

When I post one simple photo on Instagram, that photo is ten different angles and seven poses later- yet when I upload that online, nobody has any idea! We’re all guilty of this just like the Instagram models we see every day.

I can’t sit here and tell you that one day you will be 100% content with your life because frankly, as humans there is always something we wish to have that seems better. We could wish to be richer, healthier, happier… But what about the rich celebrities we see checking into rehab? What about the healthy people who once suffered from a mental health issue or may still suffer? What about those who seem the happiest and live with depression?

Although this may seem brutal, it is true. Those people you see on Instagram on holiday every month, wining and dining in the worlds top ten restaurants have their own issues too.

I found the perfect video by PragerU to sum up the reality of comparing your life to others.


A few days ago, when I decided to write this blog post based on my own insecurity, I wanted to double check that other people were feeling the same way as me.

I was truly shocked and saddened that 54% of 133 people answered ‘YES’ when asked ‘Do you compare yourself/your life to other people’s on Instagram?’ Although I was aware that the general level of self-confidence was decreasing, I had no idea it was to this extent.



Another great video to watch is this:

In a society full of photoshopping, exaggerated happiness and secret insecurity always remember:


Even when you land yourself in your dream career, even when you settle down and reach a point in life that you always wanted to be at, you will have insecurities AND THAT IS OK.


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about: Body confidence and insecurities

  1. SUCH a relatable post! I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot recently and am in the process of creating my own blog post about it. I do think the key is to learn to recognise your own strengths and the amazing things you have in your life, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, and definitely try to stop comparing to other people.

    It is much easier said than done, when our lives are on social media these days! This year I have finally started to find myself and have reached a point where I’m pretty happy in my life, even though I might not have the toned body that some of my friends do, or I haven’t bought a house yet, I’m not travelling the world etc. etc. Everything at your own pace, and also remember that social media is just the highlights reel – everyone has their own troubles and insecurities, but we are all pretty awesome in our own ways!

    Brill post my love, really enjoyed reading it.

    Carrie x

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  2. Such a fantastic and relatable post – it’s so sad that we face so much pressure in contemporary UK, slot of it we put on ourselves because of media. So sad.

    Such a fantastic post! Looking forward to reading more of you stuff xo

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