Let’s talk about: THE OFFICE (US)

So recently I finished watching The Vampire Diaries (I STILL CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT) and I ran out of things to watch on Netflix. In the past, I obsessed over Gossip Girl, tested out Breaking Bad, and then TVD. HOW COULD I FULFIL MY DAILY NETFLIX BINGE? Well, I found a solution.

Although not available on Netflix anymore (SHOCKER), I’ve been watching online and have watched basically three seasons of The Office in about a week. Each episode is 25 minutes long and is filmed in the style of a documentary, making it not only easier to watch numerous episodes in one day, but also it is more light hearted.

The story revolves around narcissistic but HILARIOUS manager at Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott and his team of employees and how they survive their job with such an annoying manager.


What I love about the series is that each character has their own part to play in the storyline and I love all of them.

Within the team, you see budding relationships, frenemies, rivalry and all sorts. Although rather crude and taboo at some points (aka quite a lot) it’s just too funny to miss.

The way all of the characters tie in together in each episode, just makes me love them even more.

I never thought I would say this (as I cried and told myself I would never love a series like The Vampire Diaries again) but I genuinely love The Office and would recommend it to anyone.


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