Let’s talk about: Easter & Chocolate- how did it begin?

Christmas ends, the decorations are down and SUDDENLY the shop floors fill with Easter eggs in all shapes and sizes. From Mini Egg to Mars Bar, Marmite to Thorntons all the chocolatier’s must sing and dance when Spring approaches. But where did the chocolate egg hype come from?


It’s all about Jesus.

The modern tradition actually stems back to the rolling of the rock from Jesus’ tomb. The Easter eggs we see today are shaped this way to represent this and therefore adds a sense of history and religion to the ever commercialised weekend

Chocolate eggs were originally created in France in Germany in the 19th century… Surprisingly (not) us Brits can’t take credit.

And what about the Easter Bunny?

Before we referred to Santa’s best friend as the Easter Bunny, it was originally known as the ‘Easter hare’ in German literature. In a similar way to Santa, the Easter Hare came if children had behaved themselves throughout the year. The tradition has stuck and here we are today!!


But the unfortunate side of Easter is how commercialised it has become in more recent years. Nationally, there is less focus on the religious side of Easter and more focus on how many chocolate eggs you receive (I’m talking about children here) on Easter Sunday from the Easter bunny.









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