The Great British Catastrophe: Channel 4 announce new GBBO presenters

Since the nation was sent into turmoil following the heartbreaking news that GBBO was being sent to Channel 4, we have all been waiting for the dreaded news of who would be replacing NOT ONLY Mel and Sue, but Mary Berry too. Finally, we have been put out of our misery.

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 In replacement of Mel and Sue, we have comedian NOEL FIELDING and QI host SANDI TOKSVIG.

BUT, the main shock, in replacement of Mary, we have PRUE LEITH. The second I saw her name I automatically thought of The Great British Menu so actually I’m quite excited to see how it will be with her!

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 For me personally, I understand that Channel 4 is a more modern, diverse channel in comparison to BBC. Their target audience is very different and so I can see why they seem to be modernising GBBO- young people love it as much as anyone else I guess.

Sandi Toksvig is well known for her dry humour, something which will take some getting used to for me. But I don’t think anyone could live up to the standards of Mel and Sue. Their banter and chemistry made the programme so much more funny and enjoyable, the shoes to fill are B I G.


Noel Fielding is a very quirky character who is very funny, and therefore in some ways, I think it will bring a new twist to the show and make it more lively and modern.

Will I be watching? I’m not quite sure yet, I just loved Mary, Sue and Mel and all their laughs and they shaped the show (obviously) so any change is DRAMATIC.

Paul Hollywood is still a traitor in my eyes but after watching him at The Good Food Show with Mary two years in a row, I do still love him.


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