#Strike4Repeal – An Insight

Whilst the world came together to celebrate International Women’s day, people across the globe marched in support with Ireland to strike against the criminalization of abortion.

I took a trip to the march in Manchester to gain some insight into what the group really were marching against. In doing so, I found out some rather shocking facts that really hit me.

I was completely unaware of these facts and as a woman myself, I care greatly for women’s rights and seeing the emotion and passion from those marching really inspired me. There were people of all ages, both male and female, taking time out of their everyday lives to stand together with Ireland which really restored my faith in humanity.


Hundreds of people also took to Twitter to share their views alongside the many protests that took place across the world.

The thought of working class women in Ireland being left to turn to dangerous pills or solutions to abortions makes me concerned for our ‘modern’ society.

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Although some women are financially stable enough to travel to the U.K and elsewhere to carry out the procedure, not all women are. These protestors don’t want those women to be marginalised and harmed for not being blessed with enough wealth to allow them to travel abroad for this procedure.

It is scary to think that despite how far we have come in recent years, people still have to fight for the right to abort a baby.


Not all babies are planned, not all babies are created out of love, not all babies are made in a consensual way. These women are protesting to allow them to make their own decisions with their body.

As I was walking with the protesters, the main phrase used throughout was: “My body, my choice.” This really hit a nerve with me as a woman myself.

I have been truly inspired, and I hope you will be too.

For more information, head to www.asn.org.uk


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