Yeah, it sucks. Everyone knows that horrible feeling when you’ve put so much time and effort into someone and suddenly they just don’t want you. Yeah, its hard but as they say, THERE IS PLENTY OF FISH IN THE SEA (cringey, I know.) But its true, there is someone out there for everyone, as Michael Bublé would say “I just haven’t met you yet.”


So, why not go through the stages? I asked my fellow flat mates for a bit of help.

  1. Constant flows of tears.

So this is probably one of the worst stages of all. They’ve just called things off and the world is falling apart. So what do you do? YOU LISTEN TO SAD SONGS!!! Wow.. good logic. No one can honestly say that they don’t have a sad songs or bad mood playlist.. Yeah.. I’m on to you.

And if you’re lucky, your Mum might throw a bit of ice-cream in your face.


“86 percent of people admit to looking at photos of their ex” –

  1. Anger.. And lots of alcohol.

REVENGE. All you can think of is to throw it back in their face for hurting you. Get with someone new, start an argument, flirt with someone so blatantly on a night out in front of them .. NO NO GIRLFRIEND. That is possibly the worst thing you could possibly do. (Take this advice from my lovely flatmate who found herself drunk in the middle of a field throwing up.) Get yourself a lovely friend to take your phone off you before the drunk ‘I miss you’ messages start.


  1. Dramatic makeover/show them what theyre missing

It might be a new hairstyle, dying your hair, or just changing the way you act. In some ways this is a good thing, just to a certain extent. If it makes you happy, go for it! Thats the most important thing

giphy (4).gif

“It makes you a better person in the end.” – Katie Barnes

(my flat mate)

  1. Realise that they don’t actually care.

THEY DIDN’T LIKE YOUR PHOTO FROM THE NIGHT OUT THAT YOU MADE SUCH A MASSIVE EFFORT FOR? Who cares. They aren’t worth your time at all, but to you at this point, its the absolute end of the world.


  1. Get upset all over again

Here comes the bad mood playlist again! Let it all out. Just think of the day you finally meet the person who’ll make your life 10 times better.


  1. Closure

You meet someone new when you’re least expecting it who makes you a lot happier than the stupid person who broke your heart and put you through all of this. And its finally all forgotten.. Sometimes.

The point is, break ups are hard, and at the time you might think that its the end of the world. But in the long term, detaching from that person is the best decision you will make.

AS THEY SAY, Everything happens for a reason.


Beccie 🙂

& Katie


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