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For fellow students like me and actually.. Quite a lot of other people, buying a full cake just isn’t necessary. If things work out anything like they do in my flat, you’ll get through half of the cake before it turns completely dry. Disaster right? But what if you could make something just for yourself (SHOCKER!) With simple ingredients that are either:

A – cheap


B- you already have in your possession.

Whatever you’re doing or wherever you are.. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS LITTLE BUNDLE OF JOY.


2tbsp of Plain Flourimg_3356-copy

2tbsp of Crunchie Spread

1 ½ tbsp hot chocolate powder

1 ½ tbsp granulated sugar

1 ½ tbsp milk

1 egg

1 tbsp vegetable oil 


You’ll need:

A measuring jug or mixing bowl

A mug

A spoon

A whisk

(It’s that simple!!)

Add all of the dry ingredients into the mug of your choice, (flour, sugar, hot chocolate powder) and mix together until all the same colour. Add the oil and the milk and the Crunchie spread and leave the mixture to the side whilst you get started with the egg. As fellow students will be aware, buying self raising flour, caster sugar and cocoa powder like most recipes WILL ask you to do is pointless, with it coming in big packs, in a flat of students on a budget, it all seems pointless. And as for the sugar, granulated sugar is all you need to make the perfect bru.. So why waste your time buying Caster sugar?

Now some of you will be wondering, well how does this rise? WELL. By whisking the egg vigorously until nice and foamy, this incorporates air into the egg, thus making it a raising agent. (FINALLY, A REASON TO USE MY GCSE FOOD TECH KNOWLEDGE THREE YEARS ON)

So.. in a mixing bowl/measuring jug, whisk together the egg for around a minute if you can until it becomes nice and foamy. (Just think of it as a workout.. Therefore meaning less time spent in the gym) At this stage, add the egg mixture into the mug and mix together until fully combined using either a fork or a spoon.


Place the mug into your microwave for around 1 minute- 1½ minutes depending on how gooey you want your cake to be. Personally, in a high temperature microwave, I leave mine in for 1 minute because it keeps the cake nice and moist. (I’m not going to lie, I was pretty baffled by how much it rises considering there’s no self raising flour or baking powder.)

And there you have it ! Crunchie cake in a mug! You can easily replace the Crunchie spread for Nutella, Malteser spread, anything you have lying around that is of a similar consistency. I purely used this as I wanted to try something a bit different.

This is a recipe ideal for those on a budget as it uses pretty simple ingredients with no faffing around, wasting money on certain ingredients like other cake recipes do, ENJOY!

Beccie 🙂

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