The week you’ve spent months on end waiting for. Drinking, partying with no parental advisory, no curfew.. And yet you find yourself grasping onto the bed sheets and tissues with every inch of your life. Surely not?  

Well actually, according to Wikipedia (the globes most renowned medical expert) a whopping 90% of students find themselves on lock down in bed. But why?  

As most of you are aware, before moving away to University, students are advised to have the Meningitis W vaccine to avoid any exposure to the rare spread of Meningitis, caused by the interaction with so many new and (potentially) germy students of all sorts of size, age and nationality. This mixed with a hefty amount of late nights, alcohol and plenty of regret is a recipe for disaster.  

[ Did you know that ‘Freshers Flu’ is a term predominantly used in the UK? What lightweights we are! ]

Symptoms of ‘Freshers Flu’ include:

  1. Shivering – bringing your favourite blanket/onesie may come in handy sooner than you thought  
  2. Sneezing – prepare to be blessed a few times
  3. Headaches- and you thought a hangover was bad..  
  4. Fever – you might want to ditch the blanket for a few minutes ..                     
  5. (YUP .. Still going)
  6. Dry cough – drink plenty of fluids (non alcoholic you bunch of animals)
  7. Grogginess – as if it wasn’t already bad enough.  

And by now you’ve pretty much suffered as much as you possibly could so lets make it worse by adding in a few lectures here and there. Overall though, Freshers Flu is a lot like a cold, just on a whole new level!


But how do I get better in time for starting my course?  

The road to recovery is actually very simple, and most of all.. Inexpensive. All antibiotics are purchasable in Home Bargains for the fellow budgeters’ out there.  

  1. Eat Healthy- Prepare yourself students, this means cutting out alcohol for the week. If you want to be fighting fit, you need to give your liver a well deserved rest. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.  
  2. DRINK WATER – Water is the perfect way to flush out your toxins to help your body stabilize itself.  
  3. Early nights- no matter how tempting stalking your ex girlfriend/boyfriend’s Twitter may be, your body needs to rest.
  4. Paracetamol – although this won’t cure you, it will make that headache a whole lot more bearable.  

However, if at any stage you feel that your symptoms have surpassed the level displayed above, do consider taking a look at the NHS website or booking an appointment with your local GP. As they say, better to be safe than sorry, just follow the link for more information.


Get well soon!  


Photo credit:

Main image: bodyhq.co.uk

Second image: memegenerator.net





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